Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How to plug keyboard into computer to work with fruity loops?

I have an 88 key piano but I%26#039;m having problems hooking fruity loops up to it. Does anyone here have some experience in this stuff?

How to plug keyboard into computer to work with fruity loops?


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What verison of fruity loops is the best for me?

I have been looking into getting a verison of the fruity loops to make pop rock beats. Which one can you record vocals on and add it to myspace? Or any other promgrams I should use? Thank you so much!

What verison of fruity loops is the best for me?
The minimum version you want is probably Producer version. It goes for about $150 but you can get a discount from this site:

Reply:seven is the best for anything and if u need tutorials and drum kits go to this site http://www.fruity-loops-tutorials.com/re... thats how i learned to do errything

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How do I keep my pants up when they don't have belt loops?

I hate it when girls bend over and show their butt crack! I have a new pair of jeans without belt loops- how do I keep them up?

How do I keep my pants up when they don%26#039;t have belt loops?
Yes, just use a belt anyway and see if it works. Sometimes you can%26#039;t take the pants in anyway because then they won%26#039;t go over your hips, so unlike what the person said about going to a tailor, NO that isn%26#039;t an obvious thing to do. You could try having a tailor sew belt loops onto the pants, I don%26#039;t know if that%26#039;s even a possibility. Or maybe if you know someone who sews or if you can sew, do the belt loops yourself. Try being crafty?
Reply:Get them altered. Nordstrom does excellent alterations and they don%26#039;t cost very much.
Reply:Hundreds of years ago a thing called suspenders were used and still in use today...they work much better than a belt..and easier on your stomach
Reply:Get it taken in a little? Isn%26#039;t it obvious take it to a tailor =)
Reply:um.......gain weight??? thats a good question!
Reply:Get pants that fit.
Reply:okay buy a long t-shirt they have so many at aeropostale then you get a belt at claires and you wrap it aroung you pants at a slant....BTW it is soo in right now
Reply:just use a belt, but keep it on tighter than usual. it will hold your pants on like usual, as long as its tight enough.
Reply:There are a few things you could try. Safety pin them on the inside so no one see%26#039;s the safety pins. If you have friends who sew or their parents sew, ask them if they could make the waste tighter for you so they stay up. Otherwise you could wear two shirts. Tuck the one underneath into your pants waste then let the other shirt hang over it.
Reply:Get a smaller size...
Reply:You could go to a department store and have them fitted, you could take them in (at the back) and hold it together with a safety pin (on the inside of the pants), or you could try and exchange them at the place you bought them so you could get a size smaller. Hope that helped, B.

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Have some people ever experience getting diarrea after eating the cereal Fruit Loops?

I don%26#039;t know why but I always get diarrea after a day or two if I eat Fruit Loops. Apple Jacks and the other cereals are fine but Fruit Loops. I just can%26#039;t eat it. Anyone else having this same problem?

Have some people ever experience getting diarrea after eating the cereal Fruit Loops?
Your body is probably having a reaction to the large quantities of food coloring in the fruit loops. Also the fact that fruit loops has a higher amount of sugar could probably be the reason for the diarrhea as well. You should stick with healthier, high in fiber, low in sugar type of cereals for now on :)

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How can I get rid of my fear of loops on a rollercoaster?

Ok. I am going to Six Flags this weekend with a few of my friends. I usually only go on wooden coasters or ones with no loops. I think I am afraid of loops because when I was a little kid, I went on a coaster with three loops. I think I was afraid of them after that so I didn%26#039;t go on them for about 3 to 4 years. Then, I went to Walt Disney World in Paris, and my trip leader made me go on two loop coasters. The first one was Indiana Jones and the second one was Space Mountain Mission 2. Indiana Jones had one loop and that was it. I was scared until after the loop. Then I wasn%26#039;t afraid until I got to Space Mountain 2. It had two loops, a corkscrew, and launched you at about 60 to 70 miles per hour. When I got strapped into the coaster, I almost threw up because I was so nervous. When I got off I wanted to go again, but we didn%26#039;t have enough time. But the last time I went to Six Flags I was to scared to go on any loop coasters. I know that I had fun before, but now I%26#039;m scared.

How can I get rid of my fear of loops on a rollercoaster?



Reply:i once payed my cousin a dollar to go on a coaster with a loop, after we got off, he went again for free.

When I get scared i look at all the people getting off, they are all still walking right?

I also use logic to overcome my fear, thousands of people ride this ride everyday and if even one person ever got hurt, they would shut it down and fix the problem. They are engineered way above and beyond the necessary strength, literally they are 5-10 times stronger than they really need to be to support the moving cars.

In fact, the loops are designed in such a way that cetrifigul force is always pushing you against your seat (this is why they are oval shaped and not perfectly round) so you never feel like you are upside down.

just try to relax and remember its safer than the drive to the park, and you made it to the park safely.
Reply:be serious. how many people have died on roller coaster?

and how many have went ON a roller coaster??

there%26#039;s NOTHING to be afraid of!!!

Reply:You seem pretty experienced ive only been on one rollercoaster in my life. have fun while you still can. remember just believe nothing is going to happen there is no sure way to get rid of your fears except to stand up to it or hipnotism if u believe that crap
Reply:ok, look, i first rode my first rollercoaster when i was like 5. I WAS SCARED TO DEATH!!!!!!!!(it had 2 loops) and so after i rode the loops, i LOVED IT, and now im like a rollercaoaster holic, so anyway, i got over my fears by just closing my eyes when the loop came and count to like 10 or soething, then u cant tell u even did the loop!(just dont get a pic of it) then, open ur eyes, and u wont be afraid!
Reply:Forget your fears. Just do it. You%26#039;ll be okay. I used to have a fear of most roller coasters, but I went to MGM studios in Walt Disney World and rode the Rockin%26#039; roller Coaster, it goes from 0 to 60 mph in less than 2 seconds. That got rid of my fear. Which Six Flags are you going to? If you are going to the one in New Jersey, fearful or not, don%26#039;t go on Kingda Ka. That thing goes about 120 mph at top speed, no joke. Even I wouldn%26#039;t ride that thing.
Reply:How convenient, I just rode my first loop yesterday at Knott%26#039;s. I rode Montezooma%26#039;s Revenge and Silver Bullet. All I can say, is that at least for those two rides, you cannot actually feel the loops, only see them. If I was closing my eyes it would just feel like a sharp turn in the beginning and end, and a bunny hop at the middle. I was also very nervous on Montezooma%26#039;s Revenge, my heartbeat jumped to over 110, and I was sweating bullets. When the ride launched I prepared for the worst and then was surprised to notice that it did not feel like falling, or give that empty stomach feeling. In fact, the loop has positive g%26#039;s and I felt (almost) completely safe. Remember that the trill is part of the ride- it is what we ride coasters for! You have already been on loops, so you should know this already. From what I have experienced, the back car is the most scary because you see the leading cars above you. The front was the least scary because you know what is coming at you.

I cannot see what the problem is, the feeling of the loop will not change, and you should not be afraid of something you already enjoyed. Have fun at Six Flags!
Reply:just think of it as, im sitting in a roller coaster and it is like any other part of the track except i am going upside down, i wont fall out and it will be fun.

and if you are REALLY nervous, hold on tight.
Reply:Just tell yourself- there is a loop on this roller coaster. I am fine with it. I wont be scared. If I want to I can close my eyes, but I WONT BE SCARED. By occupying your mind with this rant, you will get past the loop.

btw I%26#039;m going there too. COol, maybe I%26#039;ll see ya there lol
Reply:I have the same problem In addition is feel G-Force (The tickling sensation) in the...You know...Sensative spot. I bit through my lip on my first roller coaster from fear. But I noticed after, there was no reason for me to do that because it wasn%26#039;t so bad...
Reply:Whenever I am allowed to go on a ride that *flips* like the loops of a roller coaster, I usually close my eyes until I am not upside-down anymore. Sorry, but I%26#039;ve never been on a roller coaster before, so I%26#039;m sorry if my advice is a bit... suckish...
Reply:I count how long it take for a loop to finish, then when I%26#039;m on it I start counting from the point I picked from the ground and know just how long it will take to end so the loop doesn%26#039;t feel so bad.
Reply:1. Don%26#039;t close your eyes.

2. Watch every move.

3. Roller Coasters are meant to thrill you.

4. Not kill you.
Reply:the woodones actually scare me the most since they look older but yea just go on youll get used to it and yea the weird feeling on a roller coster is the best part i used to hate rollercosters but my cousin made me get on all of them now everytime i go i make sure i get on all as long ad u make sure to be straped up saftly ull be safe and make sure u sit in the front its less scary :) hope u have fun
Reply:I was scared my first time, too. I%26#039;ll tell you what worked for me. I kept my head back against the headrest and kept my eyes on the track instead of the background of sky and ground. Be brave. Start with a ride that turns you upside down that isn%26#039;t a coaster, then go with some small single loop coasters, then work your way to the big ones.


How do you make songs using Fruity Loops?

I just downloaded Fruity Loops 3.4, and i%26#039;ve been messing around with the sounds and stuff, but can someone describe in detail how to start making songs? Thanks! I will give you best answer if you do, if that%26#039;s any incentive.

How do you make songs using Fruity Loops?
I think your question might be a bit too much to ask, as you do not provide the style of music, your prior knowledge, etc.

Do you want to know how to use Fruity Loops, or how to build up a song? If you look in the resolved questions @ yahoo, you probably already find a lot of information. If you have a more specific question, I%26#039;d be more than willing to help you out with FL.

O right, try the tutorials as well, they really help you discovering the basics of the program!


How high are the dual loops of the Canyon Blaster at "Circus Circus" Las Vegas?

How high are the dual loops of the Canyon Blaster at %26quot;Circus Circus%26quot; Las Vegas?

I am doing a physics assignment and most of it is based on clothoid loops. How do I work out the g forces that a passenger would experience when going through a clothoid loop?

How high are the dual loops of the Canyon Blaster at %26quot;Circus Circus%26quot; Las Vegas?
Height=94 ft (29 m)

Max g-force=3.5

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